St. Gregory's Catholic Primary School, Park Road, Smethwick


On this page you can meet all the friendly people who work at our school.

Mrs Bickley

Mr Boodell

Miss K Vanstone

Mrs Cooper

Mr Wareing

Miss Brady

Miss R Maynard

Mrs Wearing

Mr Hancox

Mr Heard

Mrs Lees

Mrs Williams

Mrs Cantle

Mrs Evans

Miss Mahboob

Miss Jordan

Mrs Kelsey

Mrs Shilton

Mrs E Morris

Miss T Morris

Mr Green

Mr Turvey

Mrs Lewis

Mrs Aston

Mrs D Vanstone

Mrs Asquith

Mrs Byron

Mrs Cooney

Mrs Penn

Mrs Read
Mrs Wilson

Mrs Chopra

Mrs White

Staff List

Name Title
Mrs K Bickley Headteacher
Mr T Boodell Deputy Head, SENCO
Miss K Vanstone Reception Teacher, KS1 Leader
Mrs C Cooper Year 1 Teacher
Mr A Wareing Year 1 Teacher
Mrs N Wearing Year 2 Teacher
Miss R Maynard Year 3 Teacher
Mr R Heard Year 4 Teacher
Miss S Brady Year 5 Teacher
Mr C Hancox Year 6 Teacher
Mrs A Lees Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Wellbeing Co-ordinator
Mrs L Williams Phonics and Basic Skills Co-ordinator
Mrs M Cantle Learning Support Practitioner
Mrs A Evans Learning Support Practitioner
Miss J Jordan Learning Support Practitioner
Mrs E Kelsey Learning Support Practitioner
Miss N Mahboob Learning Support Practitioner
Mrs W Shilton Learning Support Practitioner
Mrs E Morris Learning Support Assistant
Miss T Morris Learning Support Assistant
Mrs T Duncan Office Administrator
Mr S Green IT Network Manager
Mr D Turvey Site Manager
Mrs S Lewis School Cook
Mrs S Aston Assistant Cook
Mrs D Vanstone Principal Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Asquith Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs L Byron Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs N Cooney Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs M Penn Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs B Read Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs L Wilson Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs N Chopra Cleaner
Mrs C White Cleaner
Mrs J Welch Cleaner
Mrs J Shearer SEN Support
Mr S Mason Peripatetic Teaching Staff (Violin)
Mr I Gibbs Peripatetic Teaching Staff (Brass)
Mr C White Drums Teacher