The Friends of St. Gregory's

The Friends of St. Gregory’s (FOSG) is a voluntary group of parents whose aim is to raise funds for the school and to organize events which brings the school and families together.

We are a group of parents that want to add value to the school lives of the children who attend our school. We are passionate about what we do and we enjoy seeing the children enjoy our activities, events and the experiences we can offer with the funds raised.

We need parents to volunteer their time and ideas to keep this going. It will not just happen by itself.

We don’t bite! Some of us never had any previous experience of fundraising or doing the service roles that we have volunteered for. We were all strangers to each other until we volunteered.

It’s all about fun. For the children and for us.

We would also like to thank the previous FOSG for their practical help, support, information and kind words of encouragement. We can only hope that we can be as great at fundraising, for the school, as you all were.

To the pupils and their siblings: please ask your parents to let us know what you like and dislike about our events. We try to put smiles on your faces and make you happy with our events but as we are older than you, we might not always get it right, so please help us with your ideas and suggestions. We might not always be able to do what you want because of health and safety reasons, but we will always listen.

Yearly Events Calendar

March – St. Patrick’s Day:We host a mufti day to wear green for St Patrick’s Day and charge £1 per pupil. We also like children to design a St Patrick’s hat which will be free to enter. Then the FOSG enter the school and judge the hats and give out prizes to the winners.

Easter - Egg Hunt and Easter Bonnet Parade: Easter Bonnet Parade for the whole school. Please would each pupil bring in £1. The best bonnets will win a prize. The FOSG like to come into school that day for each class to have 15 mins out of the day (1 class at a time) and take part in an Easter Egg hunt (the school hall if it’s bad weather) or outside weather permitting.

June – Summer Fete: Please let us know if you would like to run a FOSG stall, hire a table to sell your own products or donate anything for our tombola and/or raffle.

December – Santa’s Grotto and Christmas Fayre: Please let us know if you would like to run a FOSG stall, hire a table to sell your own products.

How are the Funds Spent?

Our treasurers keep a close eye on the funds to ensure that they are spent in the best possible way. In the past, we’ve raised £120 at the Christmas 2013 fayre, £182 from the St. Patrick’s Day mufti day and £91 from the Easter Bonnet parade.

Thank you all for your help and donations.

Equipment for the school: In previous years, the FOSG have given money to the school to purchase equipment. This year, we have paid for French lessons for pupils so as to stand them in good stead when they eventually start secondary school.

Investments: We have invested for future events such as decorations for Santa’s grotto to make him and his elves feel at home when they visit each year.

Treats for the children: Sometimes, we spend money just to pay for treats for the children (such as the Easter Egg hunt) or prizes for competitions.

Who are the FOSG?

Michelle Huggins (Chair)

I have two children at St Gregory's, Harrison is 10 and will be starting Year 6 this September. My daughter Grace is 4 and will be joining Reception this year. The Friends of St Gregory's had been running for many years when I joined and had many successful events under their belt. We are looking to recruit as many new parents as possible to make our future events bigger than ever before! The 'Friends' is a casual bunch of parents and friends who can spare a little of their time to help the school to raise funds for anything extra that will aid the children in their journey through school. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Contact Us

Feel free to chat to us in the playground if you recognise us. Or you could ask your child’s teacher or the school office to get a message to us. Phone the school office for more details.

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