There are plenty of things to do around our school outside of normal school hours. Here you can read about some of the extra-curricular activities that St. Gregory's runs for our pupils.

Current Clubs

Day Club
Monday (After school) Chess club and Tennis (Classes 3-6)
Tuesday (After school) Building with bricks
Thursday (After school) Athletics (Classes 1 & 2)
Friday (After school) Irish Dancing

Brass Bands

The school's brass band in rehearsal.

Children are given the opportunity to learn a brass instrument from Year 2 upwards under the guidance of Mr N Horvath. Playing the trumpet, French horn, tuba and cornet to name a few provides a great sense of achievement.

We are very proud of our musicians who entertain us at our school gatherings, Masses, events and concerts throughout the year.

Further up the school opportunities are provided for the children to participate in Sandwell Youth Music Orchestras Brass Band.

A weekly rehearsal for the Brass Band.

The Brass Band practice weekly at St Gregory's School.

They performed fabulously during our whole school picnic celebration for the Queen's Jubilee in 2022.




Learning to play the drums.

The drum lessons provide the children with the opportunity to have fun and learn about percussion and how rhythms work.

Under the guidance of specialist drum teacher the children learn how to play the instrument effectively.




Strings Lessons

Learning to play the violin with Mr Mason.

Violin lessons are offered to children in Key Stage 2 classes.

The children work through a series of set pieces over the four years.

All children take part in an annual concerts for the parents and school community, the most recent concert being held for families in December 2022 Further up the school opportunities are provided for the children to participate in Sandwell Junior Strings Orchestra.

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